Senior Home Care Alternative

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, people are living longer and staying healthier. You may have a parent or other elderly family member or friend who is getting up in age and still lucky enough to live in his/her own home. Nonetheless, as our parents get older, they sometimes start to develop health problems such as mobility issues, hearing and vision loss, etc. They may lose their driving privilege. You find yourself in the position of having to provide more and more assistance as time goes on.

You have two very important questions to consider:

  • What does your loved one prefer?
  • What do you want and how much are you able to do?

Sometimes, caring for your parents or elderly friend, as well as your own family, can become quite the challenge. Your parent may not be ready to be in an assisted living program, and furthermore, may refuse to move into one. He or she feels comfortable in his/her own home and that is where he/she intends to stay.

However, there are rising concerns and your loved one now needs more help than he/she used to. You worry that his/her needs may not be getting the attention needed. Having your own family to care for may not allow you to be available every time needed. You may be afraid to go out of town in case of an emergency. Who would look after your special person?

Hiring an independent care provider to help you and your elder loved one with the daily and weekly activities may just be the answer, a “granny nanny” if you will. The care provider is able to provide non-medical assistance such as doing laundry, preparing meals and cleaning up afterward. Some care providers will do housekeeping chores. She can take your senior to appointments, shopping, and the library or run errands for him/her. Your care provider is able to provide social stimulus as well by taking your senior to a movie, lunch, church or the local Senior Activity Center.

Your care provider can do indoor activities such as playing cards. Card games are fun and great for focusing skills. They could play some board games like checkers, dominoes, and Scrabble. Jigsaw puzzles are great (especially with extra-large pieces). Your loved one may like to paint or draw, make jewelry or something out of clay. These are just a few activity ideas that will keep your senior busy and productive, which is very important as they get a little older.

Hiring a care provider to fill in for you can be an enormous help for you and for your family and a wonderful experience for your senior. One of the biggest problems for your parent or loved one living on his/her own is loneliness.

Some families have a parent, elderly family member or friend, living in a retirement center and, unfortunately, they live in another town, or even another state. It can be a stressful situation for everyone. Hiring a care provider may just be the answer you are looking for. She can provide assistance and support for you and your family members. The care provider is able to visit your parents or friend and do activities that you are unable to do. It also gives your senior something to look forward to other than the daily routines at the retirement center. A care provider can help provide a more stimulating environment for your loved one in your absence. Another very important benefit is that many times your care provider and loved one develop a new and loving relationship!